emza Visual Sense

IoT Visual Sensors




Smart, power efficient and low cost sensors are fundamental for IoT.


Intelligence at the edge is an absolute must to determine what information should be passed up in the chain.


emza Visual Sense has deeply analyzed these challenges and developed extremely efficient machine vision algorithms that enable smart IoT visual sensors.



emza is bringing a unique extremely efficient technology of Machine Learning based Computer Vision. This technology is the basis for our always-on intelligent visual sensors that operate for years on small batteries. Our proprietary Machine Learning system allows the sensors to be re-trained for practically any application.


Our Computer Vision algorithms require a fraction of the memory and CPU power typically needed for such algorithms.

Integrating the algorithms with custom made CMOS sensors and extremely lean processors yields a sub 1mW, coin-sized IoT sensor, that can detect and classify humans (or any other object), count people, perform queue monitoring and describe the observed activity.

High Efficiency

reduction in memory and CPU requirements

Ultra Low-Power

sub 1mW power consumption allows years of battery life 

Low Cost

thin architecture converts into extremely low prices



Residential Security

emza’s always-on visual sensors operate on standard batteries for years. emza’s algorithms apply intelligence to improve user experience through superior detection, reducing false alarms, classifying humans and minimizing transmission power.

Smart Buildings

emza’s visual sensors deliver key functions in smart building systems - occupancy detection, people counting and queue monitoring – utilizing emza’s unique algorithms and delivering battery operated low cost devices.

Consumer Appliances

emza’s always on sensors can endow an appliance with human awareness, employing minimal footprint, cost, and power consumption. Such always-on sensors can perform face recognition, human / object classification and gesture recognition.


The ultra-low power, extreme low cost and coin-size features of emza’s visual sensors are ideal for a wide range of industrial IoT applications. emza’s algorithms provide visual context awareness, allowing the network to understand the visual world around it, acting as the “eyes of IoT”.