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Our Story

In the beginning...

Emza was founded in June 2007 by three friends: Eitan Ramati, Yossi Givati, and Zeev Smilansky. Advanced applications in image processing were primarily academic, and only a few specialists practiced machine learning. The market was small and focused on surveillance systems that had evolved from closed-circuit TV applications. These were bulky, expensive, and produced so many false alarms in outdoor applications that they were often just ignored.

The friends had a different idea: to bring the intelligence into the camera and to create a small, inexpensive, battery-operated solution that would include a low-resolution camera, a low-performance processor, and clever software that would produce only accurate alerts and ignore moving clouds or branches.


We did this long before the acronym “AI” was used and edge computing was created.

Our inspiration remains the hummingbird that can find food, build a nest, distinguish friend from foe – all with two tiny eyes and less than half a gram of brain.


Today, we can proudly say that Emza’s vision is acknowledged as an industry trendsetter, and our current sensors are much, much smaller and more clever than we had dared to imagine almost 14 years ago. 

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